Frequently Asked Questions

1) Turn nerves and adrenaline into an advantage

WINNING STATE teaches athletes how to turn nerves into a powerful ally because nerves produce adrenaline, a human superpower. A superpower that when handled with mental toughness is a gamechanger. Athletes learn that doubt is the enemy, not nerves. Nerves are rocketfuel.

2) Learn why mental toughness kicks confidences’ butt

Athletes learn that confidence and mental toughness are NOT the same. Confidence is a “feeling.” A feeling that comes and goes. Mental toughness is a gritty attitude. WINNING STATE teaches athletes mental toughness tactics to stay poised and composed under pressure. “Don’t hope to be confident. Learn how to be mentally tough.”

3) Get motivated to make tough decisions

WINNING STATE teaches athletes that decisions are black or white. We do or we don’t. We go train or we blow it off. We go to class or we ditch it. We study hard for the test or we don’t. As we’re deciding whether to work or slack off our mind plays tricks on us: “You can get away with it just this one time.” What a mistake! The heck with getting away with it. WINNING STATE teaches you how to make mentally tough decisions that propel you forward, toward becoming a champion. Success on and off the field takes mental toughness.

4) Learn effective self-talk strategies to handle pressure

Athletes learn how to give themselves inspiring pep-talks when the pressure is on. They learn how to verbally win the mental battle between hesitating and executing; between doubting and believing. WINNING STATE provides numerous examples of great self-talk to put doubt in its place and go for it.

5) Learn how to “flip the switch”

Athletes learn how to flip the switch from everyday-mode to competition-mode. They learn how to switch on their mental toughness to intently focus on executing to get the most out of themselves in competition.

Plus more essential TACTICS to COMPETE MENTALLY TOUGH and excel under pressure

  • Athletes learn how to separate what a mental game “is” and what a mental game should “produce.”
  • WINNING STATE teaches athletes that physical toughness and mental toughness are NOT the same.
  • Athletes learn systematic breathing to settle nerves, increase horsepower, and strengthen focus.
  • WINNING STATE provides examples of preplanned self-talk to stay grounded in the present, preventing worrying over future outcomes.
  • Athletes learn what to visualize when their heart is pounding through their chest.
  • Athlete learn mental toughness tactics to achieve a “LOCKED-IN” mental state.
And more!